15-Minute Yoga Practice Blog

15-Minute Yoga Practice

Over the years, I’ve found that practicing yoga for just 15-minutes a day was enough to feel more relaxed, clear-headed and balanced.  Most people are busy and short on time and often sacrifice their own well-being to make time for other things they feel are more important.  For just 15-minutes a day, (that’s only 1% of the time out of your entire day) you can dedicate this small window of mindfulness and physical movement towards your own well-being.  The best part is you just need a mat, a quiet spot and your favourite playlist. 

The main components of the 15-minute yoga practice that has worked well for me are: 

  • Short meditation (2-3 minutes) 

    A short meditation at the beginning helps you to settle in and become present in the moment so you can focus the next 15 minutes on yourself and your practice. If you prefer to listen to a guided meditation, there are plenty of free ones available online such as this 2-minute 45 seconds Brief Body Scan Meditation

  • Breath work 

    During the meditation, you will begin to bring awareness to your breath and set an intention to connect every movement with your breath. Deliberately focusing on your breath with each movement will help to quiet and calm the mind and the practice itself may become a moving meditation for some.

  • Physical practice (10 minutes) 

    Physical movements linked to your breath will increase blood flow and send oxygen throughout your body. Choose poses and sequences that make you feel more fluid and settled.  Well chosen poses and sequences will also help to improve both your mobility and stability not only in your physical body but also your mind.  Remember to connect each movement with your breath.  If you are looking for some inspiration or guidance for poses to include in your practice, the following link is Yoga Journal’s Yoga Pose Library where you can choose yoga poses by benefit, anatomy, types and more, there is also 115 Yoga Poses Your Body Wishes to Practice or you can download a yoga poses app such as this Yoga Poses – 250 Yoga Poses with Video Tutorials.

  • Stillness (2-3 minutes) 

    We are rarely still and for most, achieving not only stillness of the body, but stillness of the mind, is difficult. Enjoy this time of stillness in your final resting post, or, Savasana, and simply be.

Melanie Yip
Co-Founder, Movement Travel & YTT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor