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We recently returned from two weeks in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  What was planned as a working holiday quickly became our very own wellness retreat.  It wasn’t until we arrived in Mexico that we realized how exhausted and stressed we both felt.      

Throughout our vacation, we worked as planned, but left ample time to relax, reflect and nourish our minds and bodies so we could feel well again.  Out of necessity, we created our very own wellness retreat.   

A typical morning would start with either a workout or yoga session to get the body moving after a good night’s sleep.  Similar to any Movement Travel retreat, a healthy and hearty breakfast followed.  Mornings were by far the favourite part of our day where we would usually spend one or two hours chatting.  We did this every morning and it was so enjoyable that it made us wonder why we didn’t spend more mornings like this? 

Following breakfast we would spend a few hours working and found we became more productive and inspired after a leisurely morning.  During the afternoon siesta, we relaxed by the pool for some down time which is important for a society that is constantly on the go.  When the sun went down, we had the pleasure of dining most nights with local friends we had made over the years.  Again, the dinners were never rushed and we took our time eating, laughing and truly enjoying the company we were with.  Every evening ended with our most secret pleasure, Hallmark Christmas movies.  It’s something we both enjoy and it reminded us that it is important to make time for the things we enjoy because it does make us happy. 

During the two weeks we also made time to practice mindfulness so that we could become more present and leave our daily stresses behind.  Whether it was guided meditations by the pool or before bed or treating ourselves to the most amazing massages at our favourite spa in La Paz, Mexico, the Espiritu Spa, at the Costa Baja Resort, we realized the importance of daily mindfulness practices and the positive effects they have on our overall well-being.  We even tried something new and different and added a chakra balancing at the end of one of our massages.  We had never had our chakras balanced before but have been reading more about the energy system and wanted to experience it for ourselves.  When we left, we didn’t feel different except that over the next few days, our bodies had become heavy, but in a good way, as we experienced a deeper physical and mental relaxed state.  Whether it was the chakra balancing, slowing down, the sun and tacos or a combination of all these things, we finally started to feel rested, less stressed and happy. 

We finished off our wellness retreat at the stunning The Cape a Thompson Hotel in Los Cabos.  This hotel is the ultimate wellness destination, with beautiful fitness and spa facilities, healthy and delicious food and a rooftop deck with breathtaking views of the sea that is used for outdoor fitness and yoga classes.  Beginning in 2020, they plan to add spinning and TRX classes to their rooftop deck fitness schedule which we are very excited about!

After spending our two weeks in Mexico slowing down, doing the things we love and still staying healthy while traveling, we are amazed a how much better and more rested we feel.  We believe everyone should take an occasional break from the stresses of everyday life, escape, focus on themselves and rejuvenate. 

Having returned refreshed from our own wellness retreat, we are trying to incorporate more of the things that made us feel rested and well into our daily lives so we can continue to remain in this balanced and healthy state.


Lisa Gordon
Co-Founder, Movement Travel