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Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

I was recently asked to give a short talk about mindfulness.  It is a word we are hearing more and more but what does it mean, how can it benefit us and how does meditation fit into this?

For me, mindfulness is the practice of being present and in the moment and meditation is a tool to help one practice mindfulness.  The benefits of a regular mindfulness practice include:

  • Decreased levels of stress, anxiety and feelings of depression
  • Improved mental and emotional clarity
  • Better overall health and well-being

So how does one practice mindfulness?  The word that always comes to mind is meditation and often the word meditation is associated with sitting quietly, clearing your mind of any thoughts and simply being present.  This is one of the many ways to meditate but not the only one.  I like to think of meditation as a toolbox that holds many different tools, or ways to meditate and it’s up to each individual to choose what meditation tool(s) resonates most with them. 

I view meditation as the act of doing something you enjoy, where this thing is able to take you off autopilot and anchors you to the present moment.  When you do something you enjoy, you are usually focused on this particular thing and your mind isn’t thinking about anything else other than what is happening in that moment.  This, in essence, is being present and practicing mindfulness.

So whether it’s yoga, working out, running, singing, dancing, cooking, being with friends, sitting quietly or listening to guided meditations through apps like Headspace, choose the type(s) of meditation you enjoy and take time out of your day to enjoy these things, be in the moment, release some feel-good hormones and improve your overall well-being.

Melanie Yip
Co-Founder, Movement Travel
RYT 200-Hour