Live Meaningfully, Live Mindfully, Live More…

We believe that wellness is about balance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and finding an overall sense of fulfillment. Whether it's a weekend getaway or an extended destination holiday, our retreats reflect these beliefs. We will help you reconnect with yourself by finding the perfect balance between being active and relaxing.  We will immerse ourselves in the local culture, enjoy great food and have fun.  We've partnered with finest wellness ambassadors, hotels, tour operators and restaurants to offer our guests an extraordinary and transformative wellness travel experience.

Our movement is to inspire people to life meaningfully, live mindfully and life more.

Anyone looking for a luxury wellness travel experience. We have clients of all fitness levels and ages. We attract like-minded people who wish to incorporate wellness into a holiday so they can leave feeling nourished and restored. We outline the planned wellness activities in the itinerary so that you can decide which retreat is right for you.

All retreats are hosted by one or more Movement Travel representatives. We will make your travel stress-free by handling all the little details which will allow you to relax and have fun. All activities and group dinners are optional and we encourage balance rather than imposing restrictions. If you want dessert or a glass of wine, that’s ok with us!

All Movement Travel retreats will have the following components:
1. Luxury Accommodations – we have handpicked our favourite luxury hotels with sea-view rooms (where applicable) for all retreats.
2. Wellness Activities – most retreats include daily yoga as well as additional activities such as meditation, running, group workouts and more.
3. Local Culture – we will incorporate local tours and experiences into the itinerary and there will be plenty of free time for sightseeing on your own.
4. Culinary Experiences – we will plan a different dinner each night at some of the finest restaurants in the region so you will be able to experience the local flavours.
5. Balance – all trips are curated to provide a thoughtful balance between wellness activities, local experiences and ample time to relax and restore.

We currently offer several destinations throughout North America and plan to expand globally in the coming years. Please visit our Destinations page to see a complete list of current locations.

Destination Retreats typically range from 4-8 nights and beginning in 2019, we will offer shorter City Weekend Getaways shorter for 2-3 nights. Our Custom Group Retreats are flexible and you can select the number of nights subject to a 2-night minimum.

Organized Retreats: allow individuals to join retreats on set dates through our efficient online booking system. Organized retreats are typically groups of 10-15 individuals and are perfect for solo travelers or small groups.

Custom Group Retreats: tailored to private groups, wellness professionals and corporations of 8 people or more. You can build your own retreats with flexible dates, activities and locations. There is an 8-10 room minimum required for a custom retreat.

For both types of retreats we will partner with the finest hotels, tour operators and restaurants to offer our guests exceptional service and a consistent and memorable experience.

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Breakfast
  • Local transportation (excluding airport transfers)
  • Daily wellness activities
  • Yoga mats and equipment
  • Some excursions (as outlined in the itinerary)
  • Flights
  • Lunch/snacks
  • Dinners/drinks
  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Add-on tours and activities

No. Everything in the itinerary is optional so you can choose to do as much or as little as you like.

If you are wellness professional with a group of 8 people or more, you can build your own custom retreat. You will be able to select your own dates, location and activities and submit your request to us through our website. We will quote you a cost and you can add your own mark-up for the price you show to your clients. Once your retreat is built, we will provide you with a personalized website link so you will be able to share the retreat details with your clients. We will handle all client payments and a Movement Travel representative will accompany you on your retreat to take care of all of the small details so you can focus on your retreat.

If you are a business looking to organize your own team building, executive or performance-based retreat for your company, Movement Travel can help you build your own custom retreat. Through our website, you will be able to select your own dates, location, activities as well as provide any meetings or events you would like to schedule and submit your request to us online. Based on your requirements, Movement Travel will customize your itinerary and provide you with a quote. Once you are happy with the arrangements, we will provide you with a personalized website link with full details of the retreat so you will be able to easily share it. If it is easier, we are also happy to discuss with you over the phone.

Once you have registered for the retreat, we will send you detailed information about your retreat, including key items to pack, in the weeks leading up to your departure date. We will provide all yoga mats and equipment.