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Serenity in Sedona

Sedona, Arizon, USA

We recently visited Sedona and words cannot describe driving around the corner and catching our first glimpse of its famous red rock canyons.  The view was breathtaking and seemed surreal.  Meandering into town along the winding road, we could sense that the pace of life here is slower than the outside world.

When we got out of the car, the air was cool and fresh but chillier than expected and we soon learned that Sedona is 4,300 feet above sea level where temperatures can be cool in the evenings yet warm during the days.  During the spring and autumn months it’s perfect weather for being outdoors…and for sleeping!

Sedona is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.  Whether it’s walking, hiking, biking, trail running, bird-watching or just sitting by a firepit and reading a book, people love to be outdoors here.  In Sedona, people wake early, spend most of the days outdoors and return home or to their hotels in late afternoon to relax, have a drink, eat some dinner and go to bed early.  Even the animals seem content and happy here.  During our explorations, we came across 7-8 deer grazing at the edge of a forest.  They looked healthy, seemed calm and were in no rush to get anywhere like the rest of the town’s inhabitants. 

Sedona is also one of the few International Dark Sky Communities on our planet.  In the modern world, we take lighting for granted and most of us city dwellers never realize how much of the night sky disappears from light pollution.  But in Sedona, they actively and expertly use exterior lighting which directs light downwards in order to reclaim their brilliant night skies.  Even the views are magnificent at night.

Energy vortexes are also prevalent in Sedona, attracting spiritualists, healers and those that are curious.  The four most powerful and famous ones are the vortexes located at Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon.  Some believe that the earth’s energy may affect people both physically and emotionally.  We didn’t have enough time to explore these vortexes and their effects on us personally but, we do know that these vortexes have had an affect on its natural surroundings causing many trees in these areas to twist around themselves. 

One thing is for certain, getting away to Sedona for even just a few nights will be time well spent relaxing, restoring and reinvigorating your soul.  For more information about Sedona, you can visit the Sedona Tourism Website or click the following for some of Movement Travel’s favourite activities to do in Sedona.

Melanie Yip
Co-Founder, Movement Travel