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San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Most have heard of Cabo San Lucas, famous for its bars and nightlife.  San Lucas is also where the cruise ships dock and is home to a lively marina filled with ritzy stores and restaurants.  About 35 kms (22 miles) east of San Lucas is the other “Cabo”, the quieter, quainter and more refined sister town of San Jose Del Cabo. 

San Jose Del Cabo is subtle, intriguing and incredibly diverse for such a small town.  There are very few places in the world where you can go from a world class white sand beach to a beautiful, luxury, working farm nestled in the hills in just 15 minutes.  If you like the sun, there is something here for you and the nice thing about San Jose Del Cabo is it feels like a place you could live in and not just visit. 

Here, the inhabitants and visitors seem more conscious about their community and their impact on their environment.  There is a symbiotic relationship between many of the restaurants and local farms providing a farm-to-table experience when possible.  A couple of the farms have also rescued several stray animals, nourished them back to health and have either given them a home or are helping them find new, happy ones.  Some places are even starting to provide their own purified drinking water in order to reduce the waste of plastic water bottles. 

There also seems to be a curiosity and movement to integrate the mind and body in a more holistic way of living.  It was here in San Jose where we were first introduced to breath work.  I won’t go into details here but there were levitating arms and claw hands during the session.  There are also several locations where you can take your yoga practice outdoors and connect to the earth, your surroundings and nature.  Along the main road into San Jose Del Cabo Viejo (the old town), you will find a bike and running path with cyclists and joggers.  In fact, one of the highlights of our most recent visits was pedaling into town on one of the complimentary bikes provided by our hotel.  We didn’t have enough bikes so two people doubled.  When was the last time you were doubled on a bike…as an adult? 

Food and culture are also prominent in San Jose Del Cabo.  The old town is dotted with charming art galleries and shops and for several months in the year, they host a weekly art walk.  I’ve probably strolled the old town more than a dozen times and each time I seem to discover something new.  The food here is also outstanding yet simple and wholesome.  One thing I have noticed and love about the cuisine here is you can actually taste the food you are eating, and you are predominantly eating fresh, whole foods. 

The best part of San Jose Del Cabo is the proximity of their international airport (airport code:  SJD) that serves most of Baja California Sur.  There are direct flights from several parts of Canada and the US making San Jose Del Cabo a quick, easy and convenient getaway.  For more information about Los Cabos please click here.

Melanie Yip
Co-Founder, Movement Travel